Road Tripping With Food Allergies & Eczema

This weekend we will be embarking on a long road trip from Fort Worth, TX to Gulf Shores, AL to meet up with some of our family for a summer vacation. While normally this would seem like such an easy task, there’s plenty of new challenges facing me this time. I’ve never traveled with a 12 month old. I’ve also never traveled with a child who has food allergies & eczema. Panic has started to set in and I’ve had a million things racing through my mind as I try to pack and shop for our week on the beach.

Obviously it’s quite hard to control what food will be available along the way. Even with mapping out routes and finding available restaurants, menu changes and cross contamination seems inevitable. I’ve got a small soft sided cooler ready so that it can be squished into tight spots if needed and even semi folded and put away when not in use. I also purchased a few packs of plastic ice cubes that we can use to keeps our food cold without them melting and causing a mess in the car. My son is a wonderful snacker and pretty easy considering he is only allergic to eggs. For those of you dealing with more allergies, I know it must be much more difficult. Hopefully by now you’ve found some wonderful allergy friendly snacks. We will be taking cheese cubes, cubed turkey, fruit, and allergy-safe crackers and snacks. I’m also hoping to use some of my recipes I’ve collected to try out some egg-free muffins to take with us. Luckily this time we are renting a beach house, so we don’t have to worry about trying to cook or prepare meals in a hotel room. I’m going to scout out the city we are staying in for grocery stores and health food markets so that I know where I can go stock up on essentials as soon as we arrive. Oh, who am I kidding?! I’m sure there won’t be an grocery shopping done that evening after a full day drive with a 12 month old. Better pack some extra food, just in case ;)

I’ve called my son’s allergist and will be getting an extra Auvi-Q epinephrine injector to take with us. We haven’t had to use his yet, but I’d sure hate for something to happen where I have to use it and then don’t have a backup!

Speaking of the Auvi-Q… Our entire family has seen it, we’ve explained how to use it, and they’ve each taken the time to listen to the instructions and try out the trainer. This eases my panic (a little) over something happening when I’m not around at all times. I do intend to share this info with others that will be on our trip this time, too. Please please make sure if you’re traveling or spending time with people that will be around your child that they know about their allergies and what to do in case of an emergency. I can’t express the importance of this enough!

My goal for this week is to seek out more information about Gulf Shores including grocery stores, health food markets, pharmacies, and even more importantly hospitals and health care clinics nearby who are trained and prepared for food allergies. With two Auvi-Q’s, multiple bottles of Benadryl (diaper bag, my car, and my purse always have one), and plenty of informed family and friends around, we hoe this will be a safe and fun trip for us all. But you can’t be overly prepared, in my mind, when traveling with children who have health issues!

Beau-SandboxHere’s my cutie preparing for the beach with a little sand box play :)

What do you do to prepare for trips with your children?

Today we got a cookie sheet & alphabet magnets, Crayola Color Wonder paper and markers, stickers, small containers to store snacks, a couple new Little People, and a few other small toys for the car. I’ve got Bubble Guppies and a few other movies loaded onto my iPad as well. I need about 10 hours worth of other entertainment ideas still! Haha. Pinterest, here I come!!!

I have to share a new find with y’all:

I found an amazing app that could be life saving when traveling. SOS4Life Health Records. This is a password protected app that saves all of your families health information. The amazing part? You can quickly translate this information into many of the worlds most spoken languages. If you are traveling internationally or will be in an area where your language isn’t spoken by everyone, this app or one like it is a must have!