LuLu’s – Gulf Shores, Alabama

We’re back from vacation and slowly getting back into our normal schedules. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I wanted to make sure our family vacation was just that- Quality time with our family and a break from our typical days- And it was! We went to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a full week and stayed in a wonderful home facing the beach.


I want to share the best thing about our trip relating to Beau’s food allergy. While we had some meals at restaurants that were not accommodating (while at the same time Beau decided to be picky and not want to eat what we brought for him), our last lunch was our best experience with him! My husband’s coworker suggested that we try out LuLu’s while on vacation and we made it happen on our last full day. LuLu’s is Lucy Buffett’s (Yep, Jimmy Buffett’s sister!) restaurant in Gulf Shores, Alabama located on a canal. It’s not only a restaurant, it’s a complete entertainment center. They have a ropes course, sand play areas, bars, stages with live music, hair wraps, a gift shop, face painting, and more! I haven’t got to the best part yet… This place caters to food allergy sufferers! At most places I find that not even the cooks or managers know what ingredients each dish has. Not at LuLus! They have a separate allergy menu covering gluten-free, egg-free, seafood, shellfish, and dairy! When I asked for an allergy menu it was brought out promptly followed by an employee who came over to ask who had what food allergy and made sure to alert our servers. He came back shortly after to answer and questions and take the order separately on a special pad of easy to see red paper. When the food was served at our table Beau’s egg-free dish was brought out separately. I LOVED this! I’ve never once felt like a restaurant was set up to cater to my son and I’m constantly questioning if they know their ingredients and if the foods are being contaminated with others in the kitchen. Not here. I honestly felt at ease for once. (Of course I had B’s Auvi-Q and Benadryl on hand just in case.) My Dad put it very well… LuLu’s was a lot like DisneyWorld. It was run extremely well, the staff were well informed, it was clean, there was plenty to do and everyone working there made it a great experience. If we ever make it back to Gulf Shores, LuLu’s will definitely be on our itinerary!


Lulus-Allergu-Menu Egg-Free-Menu-Lulus

Check out their menu and website here: LuLu’s




Now to figure out how I can get every restaurant to do this…

Who wants to help me on this mission?!?!