EnerG Egg Replacer & Yellow Cake

I haven’t done nearly as much baking lately as I wish. That’s probably for the best though, seeing as I’d probably eat it all anyway. And let’s face it, I don’t need to add on to this baby weight I still haven’t lost. Yes, baby weight. And yes, said “baby” just turned 1.  :(

Anyway, I saw a product online that I’ve been wanting to try called Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer. The problem is that I can’t find it anywhere! I’ve looked at Kroger, Albertons, Target and two Central Markets. At the last Central Market I went to I had an employee suggest that I try an egg replacer called Ener G Egg Replacer. He said they’ve sold it for years and always had great reviews from customers. So, why not try it out?


We had my in-laws over for dinner Monday night, so I figured that would be a good opportunity to try this out and use them as my guinea pigs. The box clearly states that the product may not work as well as an egg replacer in some recipes as it does in others. It also states that it may not work with boxed recipes as well as recipes from scratch. As a non-baker I must be missing something. Isn’t a boxed mix the sake as from scratch except that they do the work for you, or is it totally different? Anyway, it’s pretty easy to use. It tells you to mix a certain amount of the powder with a specific amount of warm water to equal one egg. Needing three eggs, I tripled this equation and mixed it in a tiny bowl and it turned into a thick glue-like white paste.

I dumped it into the boxed yellow cake mix that I happened to have on hand (because if you remember from previous posts my baking supplies have disappeared in the past couple of weeks) and poured the batter into cupcake tins. After baking them for the normal amount of time and testing them with a toothpick it came out clean. My mother-in-law willingly tried them first. She said that they reminded her of the cakes she used to make in her Easy-Bake-Oven when she was a little girl. She stated that they weren’t bad, they just reminded her of those. We all liked them, but they were still pretty gooey and mushy. I went ahead and made a second round of cupcakes and this time I cooked them for about 3 minutes longer. Same story. They tasted good, but they were still overly moist.

EnerG-Egg-Replacer-Yellow-Cake Yellow-Cake-Cupcake

So while this wasn’t a fail, I wouldn’t consider it a major victory either. I bet this stuff is really good in some recipes (which, by the way, there are a ton of on the box itself) and it’s extremely easy to use. I’ll just have to play around with it and experiment more. Have you ever tried this product before? Any successes or failures with it?