Egg Replacements- Flax Seed

As promised, I will be posting a different egg replacement and some info about it as often as possible. I would love to add on recipes, comments, reviews, etc from both myself and our readers as we go. So, without further ado, here is number two!

Flax Seed:

Flax-SeedFor each egg needed, use 1 TBS of finely ground flaxseeds (or grind your own – a coffee grinder or blender would work well) in a bowl and slowly mix in 3 TBS of water while whisking or using a fork. This should represent something much like egg whites, sort of gelatinized and gooey. Please note that ground flaxseeds are perishable and should be stored in a freezer. I’ve read that buying them whole and grinding them yourself is the best way to go due to ground flax seeds spoiling so quickly and breaking down from their original goodness before you even use them. I’ve read that refrigerating the mixture for 15-60 minutes before using it helps it to set and works better as a binder in baking. Worth a shot!

Flax-Seed-WaterWhile ground flax seeds may work well in some recipes, they won’t do quite as good in others due to their taste. They are very earthy tasting and can change the outcome of your recipe. Flax seeds are best used in foods such as bran muffins, spice loaf, oatmeal cookies, whole wheat bread and pancakes. I’ve read that it isn’t so great for white cakes, sugar cookies, or other foods where the flavor doesn’t blend in well, though.

So, what’s so great about using flax seeds in your baking? Not only can you avoid eggs in the case of a food allergy, you can avoid bad cholesterol, have a backup in case you don’t have any fresh eggs in your fridge and, most importantly, they give you healthy omega 3 fatty acids and contain natural antioxidants among other health benefits!

FlaxseedI’m pretty sure that flax seeds can be purchased at pretty much any large grocery store chains these days, but if you can’t find them there your local health foods store is a great place to shop! I bought this massive (THREE POUND!) bag a while back at, you guessed it, CostCo. Not sure it’s still good anymore though. It may be time to grab a new smaller bag and give some new recipes a try!

Do you have a favorite recipe that you use flax seeds in? Any bad experiences using them? Please share!