Egg Replacements – Bananas

There are many different egg replacements out there for both baking and cooking. Do you have a favorite?

I haven’t tried very many (Ok really, I’ve only tried 2) versions of egg replacers, so I don’t have great recommendations or comparisons yet. My goal is to do some research on the different types, try them out, and share the results with you. I’m hoping to post one or two replacements that I find at a time to give everyone a chance to comment on it and try it out if any of us have time. Between swim lessons, work, a 1 year old, our messy house and life in general it isn’t always easy to find time to do research, bake and get posts written. That’s why I’m calling on my readers for some help. I’d love to hear what recipes you’ve tried these in and how they turned out!

So hear is the first egg replacer I will throw out there for everyone…


Apparently bananas work best for cakes but can also be used to make bread, brownies, muffins and pancakes.

You can mash (with a fork or potato masher) a medium-sized banana (or roughly 1/4 cup mashed) until it is smooth and then mix it into a recipe when an egg is called for.

Eggs are a leavening agent in baking, therefor you would probably need to increase any leavening agents such as baking powder, yeast, or baking soda. Leavening agents help to make recipes such as cakes rise. I’ve read that anywhere between a 25-50% increase should work. Looks like experimenting or searching for some specific recipes would be in order to figure this one out.

Bananas can cause baking times to change. You may need to cook recipes longer than when using eggs, so make sure to use a toothpick or knife and check your food after the timer goes off.

Bananas make recipes moist and hold air bubbles better than some other replacements. They also add flavor to a recipe, which can be a positive or negative addition. I can tell you this… I tried to make a boxed brownie mix with bananas a couple weeks ago (which I forgot to post about) and they were AWFUL! Seriously. They were flat, thick, hard, and tasted like a banana. Not ideal. I won’t be trying that one again.

Another tip is to use bananas that are ripe and already starting to brown.
Mine may be past that point and ready for the trash :(

Please feel free, as always, to leave comments below!