Beau’s Eczema Story

Shortly after my son was born we noticed that he would break out with red rashes and small hives. This strange occurrence would happen randomly in different spots and would come and go. We were told by our pediatrician that he had eczema and were given a prescription cream to use when it was bad. Otherwise, we were just told to use a cortisone cream when necessary. Can I be honest? I never did anything else about it. I never researched it. I never asked any questions. I honestly had no clue what eczema was! Yep, Mom of the Year right here!

Eczema rash

Eczema rash

It wasn’t until we went to see my son’s allergy specialist that we were given more information about what eczema was and better ways to treat and prevent it. We were told to bathe him more often than we were, not less like we had been advised. And we were told to use special eczema lotions several times a day. After leaving his office that day, we went to the pharmacy and purchased some of the products that were on the handouts given to¬†us.

Ever since, my son hasn’t had any hives and his skin really does seem healthier. With the regular use of the products that were suggested to us, his skin rarely seems as scaly and dry as it had. We haven’t had to use a prescription on it and hopefully we won’t have to in the future! I’m not one for handing out doses of unneeded medications. I feel like we live in a world were there is some type of drug for every miniscule thing imaginable which are constantly being pushed on us. Call me crazy, but I like to avoid them when possible!!

While this blog is mostly about egg allergies, I wanted to include my son’s story of his eczema since I now know they’re intertwined. Once in a while as I learn more about eczema I will include posts about this subject as well. If you have any awesome products, site reccomendations, or information, please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from our readers!


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