Chocolate and Plain Eggless Cake Reviews

After the minor chocolate cake catastrophe, I figured I should head to the internet and see what else I could find. I Googled eggless cake recipes and read through countless comments and reviews, finally choosing two simple cakes to try. My brother-in-law is in town for a couple weeks on break from school before heading to counsel at a summer camp in NY again, so it was a good night to whip up a couple cakes and have him and my husband be my taste testers.

Beau and I were off to the store and within a couple hours we had one chocolate and one yellow cake ready to serve. To my surprise, they both came out pretty well. Both of the guys liked them, as did my in-laws and Beau! I know, I know, I should wait until his first birthday for him to taste that first bite of sweet birthday cake and watch the joy all over his face. But trust me, after that experience, I doubt he will hate it the next time ;)

These are the two cakes that I made:

Chocolate “Crazy Cake” :

-While I’m not a big fan of chocolate in general, I did like this cake. And my mother-in-law, father-in-law, husband, and brother-in-law all agreed that it was great! The only problem I had was that the square shaped cake rose on the outsides and sunk in the center. The round cake turned out perfectly, though.










Plain Eggless Cake :

-This cake was better than I expected it to be. It isn’t an extremely sweet cake, so if you like those you may want to add some more sugar or some other flavors. It had just the right hint of the orange juice coming through. We all enjoyed this cake as much as the chocolate one.












I’m excited to finally find some recipes that have turned out well! My Dad’s cousin just sent me a friend’s recipe for an eggless red velvet cake (my favorite flavor!) that I can’t wait to try out. You will definitely be seeing reviews for this one as soon as I get some time to make it.

Do you have any great tips/tricks for baking without eggs? Any favorite recipes? Please share these in the comments below!