Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Chocolate Cake Review

I have to be honest… With my son’s birthday coming up in the next month, the first thing that came to my mind when we got the results that he was allergic to eggs was that he wouldn’t be able to have a “normal” birthday cake! Yeah, I’m serious. I’m sure that’s trivial and unimportant to many. I get that. But it was a big deal to me!  I’ve been planning his first birthday party in my head (and on Pinterest, of course!) since shortly after he was born. I love planning events and wanted this to be perfect.

How was I going to find an eggless cake?? I called around to several local bakeries that I love only to find out that none of them make eggless cakes. After that I tried Central Market and all of the other local grocery stores. No luck there! Since I wasn’t having any luck, I decided I’d have to try this on my own. I knew I wanted to try out a recipe before hand so that we didn’t have issues on the day of the party.

If you read my post about the wonderful chocolate chip pancakes, you may recall that they were made with a boxed mix by Cherrybrook Kitchen. Yumm. I remembered seeing chocolate and yellow cake mixes of theirs in the store as well, so I picked up one of each at our local Kroger and went home to try them out.Cherrybrook-Kitchen-Chocolate-Cake

The chocolate cake… Well, I hate to say I was extremely disappointed in this! The boys I’m a nanny for love licking the spoon and bowl when we bake. I’m usually the party pooper who doesn’t allow it due to the raw eggs, but I had no problem with it this time. Unfortunately, neither of them liked the batter because it was “grainy and powdery”. I went ahead and baked it according to the instructions hoping that it would be better once it was finished. What a let down. The cake came out very thick and gooey, nothing like a typical crumbly, but just moist enough, birthday cake. It was very grainy and had an awful after taste. This was really disappointing after we talked up their pancake mix that we made waffles with. Because, again, they were delicious! I’ll still try the yellow cake mix of theirs and see how it turns out, but I no longer have high hopes for it.

Now maybe we are just cake snobs who are so used to cakes with eggs that we couldn’t give it a fair evaluation. But after this I knew I had to try other recipes and see if there was something better. There has to be! Right??

Do you have a favorite eggless cake recipe that you love to bake?