Beau’s First Birthday Party


We did it! Beau’s first birthday party went off without any major problems this Saturday. A lot of planning, shopping, crafting, baking, and worrying went into this party. Do I serve foods with eggs? Do any of the other children have food allergies? Will Beau’s birthday cake be everything I hoped for? Silly… Worrying about all of this stuff. Seriously silly. Looking back, this should have been a small simple party for our close family. Why did I have to make it so hard on myself? In short, because it’s what I do ;) Really though, I do this a lot. I’m well aware of that.


I decided to go ahead and serve foods with and without eggs. Seeing as it was a Bubble Guppies themed party, I served many different themed foods. We had “shark infested water” (jello with gummy sharks), “driftwood” (large pretzel sticks), Pirate Booty, “Berried treasure” (mixed berries), tuna sandwiches and more! I made sure to post a sign on the front door, the food table, and the patio door politely reminding the guests that the birthday boy has a food allergy and to please not feed him.


I ordered a cake from a bakery for our guests to enjoy and went ahead and made a small eggless cake just for Beau. I had decided on making the chocolate crazy cake that I had previously posted about. It had turned out great and we all liked it. Only one problem… The morning of the party my husband was off to Southlake to pick up Beau’s birthday gifts and a few other things on my list, leaving Beau and I at home to set up and get everything finished. I went in the kitchen to get all of our ingredients out only to find out they were missing! No, seriously. An entire counter worth of ingredients had disappeared. My husband had ever so sweetly put everything away after the last time I made this cake while I was at work. I called him in a panic knowing I didn’t have time to go to the store and get new stuff. He had no clue where he had put it and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I still can’t. And neither can he. How does that happen?! I’m still confused about it. Knowing that I couldn’t let Beau go without having any cake to tear into on his birthday I quickly scoured our pantry to find the one and only option I had left. Cherrybrook Kitchen’s yellow boxed cake mix. Ugh. After the chocolate cake of theirs that I made last time, I was not thrilled about this choice. But as I already stated, it was my only option. I can’t even give you a good review on this cake. Beau tried a little of it, but with everything going on (over 40 people crammed into our tiny kitchen/living room to sing Happy Birthday) he was having major sensory overload and wasn’t too into it. My mother-in-law said she tried a piece and enjoyed it because it wasn’t as sweet as a normal birthday cake. So, I guess I’ll have to make it again. I know it didn’t look like the chocolate cake had. It looked much better. Worth another shot to see what it’s like, because who knows when all of my baking supplies will disappear again! ;)


Please ignore my awful photos. I had so much going on that day that I didn’t even get around to taking any pictures with my camera, only a few snapshots with my phone. My brother did take some though, so as soon as I get those I’ll get you some better pictures :)