Auvi-Q Savings

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to post on here. Forgive me! I had the worst strep throat I’ve ever had last week. Add that on top of still taking care of my son and planning and preparing for his birthday party… I was beat. Beau’s birthday was Friday and what a day it was. He started walking around on his own without us standing him up and trying to get him to walk to us. Luckily he isn’t getting too far on his own before he gets wobbly and falls or holds onto something. I’m not ready for all of that quite yet, but it was pretty fun to watch this journey begin on his birthday. We had his birthday on Saturday and over 40 people showed up! If only you knew how tiny our house was… It was chaotic and perfect. I’ll post more about the party later once I get a chance to breathe and load some pictures.

Today I wanted to share a savings coupon for the Auvi-Q epinephrine injector. My son was prescribed this on our first visit to our allergist. Thankfully, he gave us a coupon that made our copay $0! Incredible. Especially after finding out that this small box of medicine would have cost about $410 without my insurance and this coupon. Absolutely unbelievable. Is anyone else sick of the outrageous prices that pharmaceutical companies charge?!

Once we had the Auvi-Q injectors in hand, I made sure to educate every one of our family and friends who would be around Beau. Each time we saw someone we would pull them out and go over the extremely easy to understand instructions. Haven’t seen the Auvi-Q yet? This thing is pretty awesome. Really. Our allergist told us that this was designed by two brothers who had a peanut allergy and wanted something that was easier to use for caregivers who were probably in a panic when the time came to use the product. The box comes with one injector that is a trainer. It does not contain a needle or any medication. You also get two real injector cartridges. All three of these actually talk out loud. You slide it out of a case and it automatically begins to give instructions spoken to you through a small speaker. This makes it so clear and easy to follow. I don’t have a concern in the world about knowing how to use this epinephrine injector if the time ever comes. We’ve been fortunate enough to have not had to use this yet. Fingers crossed that it stays that way! I am glad we have this with us at all times no matter where we go, just in case!

Anyway, as I’ve already said… This is expensive! So I did a little searching and found that the Auvi-Q website is offering a coupon to get a $0 copay right now. All you have to do is sign up.  Incredible. And, this can be used an unlimited amount of times until December 31, 2014.

Click here for the Auvi-Q website

And this is what your coupon will look like…