Allergy Friendly Food at a Party? Yes or No?

My son’s birthday party is this week and I’ve gone back and forth debating whether we should serve food that he cannot have (foods containing eggs) or if we should serve only egg-free foods. I finally decided that I would serve a full variety of foods this year, seeing as he will only be a year old. I don’t feel like he has any clue that he’s missing out on certain foods and knowing he will be held the whole time, seeing as he is just starting to walk a few steps here and there, he won’t have the opportunity to get into anything he shouldn’t. I know that from here on out this may be a different story though. All of our friends and family know that Beau is allergic to eggs, but just as an extra safety precaution we are planning on putting up signs asking not to feed the birthday boy bc of food allergies and making sure the guests are aware of this.

How do you handle this with your children? Do you serve foods that they can’t have at events? Do you allow them to attend events where other foods are served? While I’m sure this depends on their specific ages, I’m not sure how I’ll deal with this as he ages. I don’t want my son to feel angry or sad that he is different and can’t eat the same foods as his friends.

Again, I’ve got time to worry about this. But probably not as much as I think. He will be walking soon. And talking. And getting into much more than he already is. YIKES! And… He’s starting a Mother’s Day Out program twice a week in September to get him around other children and give this Mom some much needed alone time. That scares the crap out of me. I guess it really isn’t too early to start researching this…

Here’s a couple of the articles I took the time to read tonight. If you have any great advice or articles to read, please share them in the comments!

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And then there’s this ridiculous article. I mean, really?! I feel like some people are so self centered and have very little compassion sometimes. Here’s a great example of one of those people…
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Here’s a quick sneak peak of my son’s birthday party. It’s a Bubble Guppies themed party we are having at our house this Saturday. I know I might seem a little crazy to have already started decorating nearly a week ahead of time, but something told me this week would be a mess. And then it happened… I got extremely sick yesterday and was diagnosed with strep. The worst strep I’ve ever had in my life. Here’s to hoping this passes before his birthday Friday! Please don’t judge his decor yet… It’s definitely a work in progress. Hopefully I have the energy tomorrow or Friday to turn the rest of this house into a magical underwater scene. He sure does love Bubble Guppies!